Thursday, December 27, 2012

Those People

I don't know how it happened.  I don't even remember exactly when the transformation took place.  But somehow, we have become "those people".

You know...

"Those people" who don't feed their kids preservatives, or sugar, or any of its derivatives.

"Those people" who eat strange foods... like veggies.

"Those people" who take their kids to the chiropractor when they get sick, instead of taking them straight to the pediatrician (not that we don't visit our pediatrician from time-to-time, but we try to opt for natural healing first.)

"Those people" who don't watch TV and who, instead, play board games with their kids.

"Those people" who play baseball and jump on the trampoline with their kids in the back yard... in our pajamas... in the rain.

Obviously, we  weren't always this way.  I was totally comfortable doing my own thing, playing on Facebook 12 hours out of the day, eating junk around the clock, and turning in to the lady from 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'.  I was content to use "exhaustion" as my excuse for not interacting with my family.   Back then, I was "normal".  Now, I'm pretty much a quack- I'm.... one of "them".

I used to make fun of "those people".  I thought for certain their passions were misguided and that I needed none of the information they had to share.

But I was wrong.

In a day where everything is "Your way, right away", people all over the world will be flocking to the internet and diet food aisles on January 1, in hopes to quickly shed those 10-15 pounds they accumulated over the holidays.  People want the results, and they want them quickly.

I, too, was one of those people... until I met our chiropractor, Dr. Chriz Zaino and his precious wife, Whitney.  They both took the time to share with me some pretty amazing information about how our bodies are designed to work, how different foods can affect the body, and the true secrets to lasting success with health and wellness.  Not only did they share these secrets, but they made themselves available via e-mail for my 126437182 questions that followed each day for a few weeks as my husband and I sought to incorporate these changes into our everyday lives.

Yes.  They are also "those people".  But before you decide that we are all a bunch of quacks and that this blog isn't for you, consider the possibility that there might be more to the story than what we all thought before...

More than counting calories and creating a deficit.  More than simply losing weight.  It's about a lifestyle change that affects not only you, but also your entire family- if you're committed.

So join me tomorrow as I share step one of this radical transformation.

Thanks for reading!

The Fat Girl, Slim


  1. All this time that you spend blogging honey, why dont you you use it to find a job so your sweet husband has some support. I am a working mother and my kids learn that it takes two parents to be a role model, so why not show your babies and the world what your capable of. I know times are tough sweetie because your family has been on several prayer list at churches in need of support, but use this time you spend blogging to help your family by also providing for them with getting a job. God bless your family.

    1. Anonymous- Thank you for sharing your concern. I'd love to discuss this with you one on one. Since you mentioned that we go to church together, look for me Sunday and we can chat. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Wonderful blog Christi! And I'm not here to start a war, I know none of your story. But as a Christian myself, I feel you should be supported for taking the time to help others, not publically judged for it. if you are home raising your children then I feel you are where you need to be. God will provide. Prayer lists or not, we never know someone's "whole" story, but God always does. That is why we follow his lead and no one else's. Blessings to u!

    1. Deana- Thank you so much for your encouragement! :) I cherish words that affirm and build up. Thank you for taking your time to read and respond. Bless you! :)