Thursday, February 21, 2013


Okay, folks.

It's Girl Scout Cookie time!  Woohooo!  Oh... wait. Crap.  I forgot... I don't eat them anymore.

Thankfully, my daughter isn't a girl scout.

Unfortunately, GS Cookies are like crack in my house (no, seriously.  That's actually a photo of me.)

We used to buy GS cookies by the case.  Then, we miiiiiiiiiiiiight share some with the kids (on rare occasions), but inevitably, what would end up happening, is that my husband (also known as my supplier, or my enabler... my crack dealer) would sneak a box in to our room to share while we watched a movie at bedtime.

And we would eat them.


As in, all of the boxes in the crate... within about 3 days.

And no, I never actually wondered how I got to 307 pounds...  I occasionally drool when recalling to mind some of the awesome details.

But I digress.

My point is that those stinking cookies will be there, taunting me, calling out to me with their caramel, chocolate, coco-nutty, thin-minty goodness every single time I walk in to the store for the next month-ish.

I know I'm not strong enough to resist the temptation on my own.  I mean, it's for a good cause, right?

Focus, Christi...

I need to remember the better cause- my health.

I mean, look at the ingredients:

If I want to stay clean, I know I need to avoid the crack.  Otherwise, I know it will just be a downward spiral and I'll find myself in a GS cookie coma, in desperate need of rehab.

So here it is, accountability partners.  No cookies.  None.  I will not buy one box- no matter how they beg with their cute little boxes and caramel coloring.

Instead, I have challenged myself to come up with a fun and delicious alternative- perhaps a paleo version of one of my cookie favs?

Sugar-free, grain-free, dairy-free...  but it wouldn't necessarily be taste-free, right?

Consider yourself invited to participate in the challenge!

The winner will have their recipe published here on the blog, and on Pinterest.  They will also win exclusive bragging rights- which, in my house, is worth more than gold.

So bring it, girl scouts.  I. Got. This.

It's on!

-The former cookie monster


The Fat Girl,

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  1. I too have forsworn GS cookies. Unless they're free. As in, a co-worker buys them and puts them out for anyone to eat. I can refrain from buying them, even when tiny little Brownies are peddling them. But "free" is something I can't resist. But I do like the Discipline quote. I'll have to write that one down.