Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Swimsuit Season!

Okay, folks.

It's officially swimsuit season... and shorts season.  *heavy sigh*

I'm amused that this post follows the post on Girl Scout Cookies...  it's somewhat like when I pin a really unhealthy recipe on Pinterest, and then I feel guilty, so I pin a really inspiring pin on working out...

But I digress.

I'd so prefer to hide beneath my long sleeves and layers.  When I'm covered up, people don't see:
a.- How white I really am and
b.- That I'm not quite to my goal.

However...  this IS Texas, and temperatures will reach in to the 100s in no time, so we need to consider preparing for the weather.

Because, trust me- trying to wear sweaters and jeans all summer might sound cool in your mind, but it will only leave you with a heat stroke and leave people wondering about your mental status...  (I may or may not have learned this lesson the hard way.  Don't judge...)

I know- some people are looking at blizzards.  I'm in Texas, so we could see a blizzard next week.  But at the moment, I'm staring outside at the beautiful sunshine and the upcoming potential to go from bright white... (really, almost blue)- to ivory... and eventually to beige and then by August, a nice, golden tan.

I love the sun.  I love to swim.  I love to sunbathe.


I DO NOT love shopping for swimsuits.  And I imagine, if you are reading this blog, that I am likely not alone.  Shopping for swimsuits isn't fun for most people- even if you're vain.  Because, even then, I'm pretty sure that although you might not hyperventilate at the thought of cramming parts of yourself into multi-colored lycra just so you can go jump in a large body of water, trying to find just the right suit to fit your body is no day at the park.

I remember when your choice was simply a one piece or a two piece.  Now there are as many different types of suits as there are types of shoes!  The thought of finding just that right balance between not showing too much, and not looking like a nun... that's enough to make a person have a mild panic attack and run for the pantry.

Never-the-less, here we are.

So what shall we do about this?

Well, we could all invest in those Miracle Suits...  you know- the ones that hold in everything you ever had... and then some?    Or perhaps we could buy some cute cover-ups and never get in the water.  Or maybe we could lay, all day, out by the pool at just the right angle to ensure our "fluff" is sunken in to our lawn chairs?  And then pass out from heat stroke....  right?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....  we could get our butts in gear and work off some of that holiday lovin' that left its mark around our waistlines, our buns, or our thighs...

That's right girl... or guy?

It's time to get up off of the sofa.  Stop reading tons of blogs about how to lose weight.  Stop hanging out on Pinterest, PINNING websites about how to lose weight, right next to websites about gourmet junk food.  Instead of wishing that you could get up and lose the weight, or dreaming about the day you will, DO IT!

Don't waste another minute.

If running is your thing, no excuses.  Get up and get moving.

If swimming is your thing (as it is mine), get in a pool (preferably heated) and go to work!

I've fallen in love with a 12- minute work out that you can do from home.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.  So if you aren't quite ready to hit the trails, or maybe you can't afford the time or the dough to hit the Y, look in to this video.  It will kick your butt in ways BODY PUMP only ever dreamed of- and it seriously only takes 12 minutes!!!

My workout today is this:

12 minute abs (because I'm convinced they are under there... somewhere)
12 minute legs (because I WILL wear shorts with confidence)
12 minute core (because I've spent way too much time chillaxin' and it's time to get my core where it needs to be.)
(And maybe...  if I can still function...  12 minute arms.... maybe)

Honestly- I can tell you that I may not be able to walk Wednesday, but it's the kind of soreness I've earned, so it's worth it!

Seriously- if I can do it, you can do it.  NO EXCUSES.

Commit to thirty minutes.  Today.  Right now.

Reward yourself when you are done- perhaps a hot soak in the bath, or a whey smoothie...  Just focus on the goal ahead, and not the road you must travel to get there.  Every step you take puts that much more of the road behind you.  So get up, and get going!  Jump in with both feet!

I'll meet you at the finish line!

The Fat Girl,

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