Monday, February 25, 2013


Not that I'm begging for followers, or subscribers, or whatever they're called..  I actually detest the word "followers" because I don't want people to follow ME.  But I was reminded today that some people would prefer for these blogs to be sent to their e-mails and not have to check the website for new posts/ updates.  

I know the link was previous not working, so I checked it out and I think it's finally up and running.  

That's tech-awesomeness, right there!  (I'm so kidding...)

That being said if you would like to receive the posts in your inbox, rather than having to check the site for posts, please feel free to subscribe.  I tried to make this one simple- because I know none of us has a ton of time to do these things...  And it really doesn't affect me, one way or the other if you subscribe.  I just wanted to make sure that you knew the option was available- since several had asked.

So IF you'd like, simply type in your e-mail to "Follow by e-mail" and then follow the prompts.  I believe you can also sign up to follow on Google +, if that's your preference.

Now, back to my workout...

The Fat Girl,

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