Monday, January 28, 2013


So, do I count calories?

No.  Never.  I don't even think about caloric content when I eat anymore.  (Cue the hallelujah chorus)

Do I deprive myself?

Ha!  (Have we met?  I'd probably eat my shoe if I deprived myself.)

Am I miserable and hungry all of the time?

On the contrary.  I'm actually quite satisfied, and I feel incredible.

Do I eat mostly "rabbit food"?

No.  I eat human food- good food- the way that I was designed to eat and to live.

Am I selling something?

Ha, again!  Um... no.  Not so much.  I've done "sales" and it only pushed away every friend I ever had, so no, friend, I'm not "selling" anything.  Sharing information would be more accurate.

Why am I doing this?

Have you SEEN THIS??? <---- Click there to see the before and afters.

 Because, in my opinion, not sharing this information would be like having the anti-venom and hanging around a bunch of snake-bite victims but never taking the time to share with them the one thing that could, very well, save their lives.  

Where is the information on how to get started?

Right here.  Stay with me.  This one might get a little long, but it's worth it- at least I think so.

So what did I eat to lose almost 100 pounds?

Here is the simplified version- which is still pretty long.  I'll go through each of these in coming posts and give complete detailed lists of examples as presented by Dr. and Whitney Zaino.  

Information courtesy of Abundant Life Chiropractic, and Chris Zaino.

Veggies- TONS of veggies.  The veggies I focused on the most were: Kale, Spinach, and other dark green veggies.  Most of the time we made salads, or steamed  our veggies.  Other times, we grilled the veggies, or sauteed them in a pan.  Occasionally (but very rarely, we cooked them in the oven (we usually only do this with Brussels Sprouts).   I have a tendency to be lazy, so my absolute favorite way to eat green veggies, or any veggies, for that matter, was to juice them.  (more info in this afternoon's blog on juicing).  

Lean protein (chicken, beef, eggs, high quality whey protein).  I have some amazing recipes that I will share in coming posts.
Fruit keep in mind that fruit is still a sugar, so if your goal is weight loss, you will want to eat this in moderation.  We mostly eat green apples and berries
Healthy Fats Yes.  You read that correctly.  You must eat fat to lose fat.  Say WHA!?!??!  You mean, we've had it backwards this whole time???  Pretty much.  *sigh*  If I had only known then what I know now...  But I digress.  I bought NOTHING that said "Low Fat" or anything of the sort.  On the contrary, I spent a great deal of time incorporating healthy fats in to our diets and the results have been amazing!  (I'll explain why in a post dedicated to healthy fats and coconut oil.)  Examples of the healthy fats we eat the most are: 

  •  EGGS 

There are tons more- these are some of the most common forms found in the Muhle Family diet.  

So...  you mean... that's it!??!  

Not quite, but mostly.

Here is a list of things we had to remove from our diets in order to encourage healthy weight loss.


REFINED SUGAR- in ALL forms (sodas, white rice, white pasta, and white bread are included in this).  And NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.  

MILK- I know, I know.  We hear it all of the time.  Milk does a body good, right?  Wrong.   Eliminating the milk that comes from cows and replacing it with ALMOND MILK or COCONUT MILK has made a tremendous difference- not just in my ability to lose weight, but in my children and in my husband as well.
BAD FATS- including:  hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, and rancid vegetable oils
MAN-MADE FOODS- Seriously.  I know Pop-Tarts and cereal are tasty,and really easy, but in the long run, "tasty" won't help you reach your goals.  In fact, "tasty" mostly left my family feeling hungry, tired, sluggish, and unsatisfied.  So it's simple- don't shop the aisles.  Unless we're buying toilet paper, we rarely find ourselves cruising the aisles.  We spend less time and money in the store, and we feel better.  So no GMOs, pasteurized or homogenized dairy, grain fed meats, anything with preservatives and chemicals like MSG and Aspartame.

Okay- so I know you're on information overload.   Not to worry.  We're done for today.  Yes, there is tons more information that will help you on your journey, and I'll get it all out in the coming posts so that, if you should choose to, you can begin to apply these changes and be on your way to health and wellness!  

As for now, I'm off to drink my green tea and my morning juice!  

Have a fantastic day!

*Don't forget to check back this afternoon for more information on juicing!

Thanks for reading!

The Fat Girl,

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