Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Eat... A Lot

So what do "eaters" eat when they are trying to get healthy and lose weight?

Well, it's a long answer.  In short- I eat food...  good food, and a lot of it.

And I drink juice...  a lot of juice (more info in the next post).

But let me offer you the Cliff's Notes version (courtesy of Pinterest) to help you get started on the eating side of things. .

No, I'm not 100% Paleo, but this is both incredibly entertaining, and accurate.  Also, it's the closest thing to how I eat that I could find...  so just go with it.  I'll follow up with food-specific information in later posts.  And trust me- I know you're eager to get going, so it won't be weeks before my next post.

Just something to consider, before you go about your morning routine (also courtesy of Pinterest... and Ann Wigmore):

Get ready friends...  we're jumping in with both feet!

Check back later for some recipes and some follow up information on why we eat what we eat.

It's good stuff.  Don't miss it!

Thanks for reading!

In this together,

The Fat Girl,

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  1. I'm following The Virgin Diet, which pretty much has the same guidelines with the exception of eggs. It's an elimination diet which removes the most irritating foods. Then you have a cycle where you test them so that you can find out how sensitive you personally are to that food. I've been sticking to it for 4 weeks so far, and it's the first diet I've stuck to in ages. Most of my cravings are gone, but I still deal with psychological cravings. One thing that helps is that if I allow a bite of something I'm not supposed to eat, I usually find it's not as good as I'd imagined/remembered.