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Meet Tracy Jai-  I went to school with her when I was younger.  I can remember that Tracy was always "that girl".  She was the girl that all of the rest of us "ordinary girls" wanted to be like.  She was (still is) effortlessly beautiful inside and out.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Tracy's before and after photos on Facebook one day.  Not that she was ever really "big", but the transformation in her photos was beyond inspiring.  So I sent her a message and asked her what she had done to reach her goals.  She was working in a show on Broadway at the time, so I didn't honestly expect a reply.  Not only did she reply, but she made time to call and walk me through some of the things I would need to know to get started on this journey.

Have you ever experienced post postpartum depression?  I used to think it was just an excuse for moodiness after having a baby...  until I went through it after having my last child.  I was knee deep in the middle of my depression, on anti-depressants that turned me in to a zombie and really took me away from being the mom I wanted to be.  I have five children that desperately needed me, but I couldn't get up off of the couch.  I couldn't peak with excitement, I had little to no energy, and I couldn't function as a mom, as a wife, and barely as a human.  I felt completely hopeless.  

So that's where I was when I spoke with Tracy for the first time.  During the course of our conversation, Tracy told me that I needed to watch a movie called FAT, SICK, AND NEARLY DEAD.  I wasn't ready for what I saw, but it really rocked my world (seriously- take an hour and watch it.  It will change your life.)  She directed me to this website. Click here for more info and shared with me her story.  After hearing all of the amazing benefits, I decided to give juicing a try. (click HERE to read more of her story).  

So...  because I'll try anything once, I borrowed a juicer from a friend and started juicing.  I didn't really know what I was doing, but I was determined to get out of the pit of depression.  I "rebooted" my body during a 30 day juice cleanse with the help of Tracy and the reboot team.  The website offered tons of juicing recipes and information to help me get started.  Then, after a few weeks of just juicing (with a couple of "treat days" where I enjoyed a traditional meal), I realized that I didn't need anti-depressants anymore.  I also felt better than I had ever felt, and I noticed my waistline beginning to shrink.  In addition to those benefits, I finally had the energy to play with my kids.  I wasn't a zombie, drooling on the couch any longer.  Instead, I was outside kicking the soccer balls with my kids, or having sporadic dance parties in our living room.  I was back, and I was free- full of hope and joy. 

One other beautiful side effect that I noticed, was that I didn't crave sugar and fast food as I had before.  It was the first time in my entire life that I'd felt hopeful about the possibilities of being free from food addictions and a life-long struggle to become healthy.  

Even still, because I was an "eater"- a food addict, I eventually quit juicing and reverted to my old ways of eating.  Being a full time mom can be exhausting.  In my mind, I had little-no time to cook or plan menus, so we just consumed whatever was fast and easy... and I didn't go back in to a depression, but I did find myself gaining and losing weight, back on the diet rat wheel, trying to figure out what was going to be "it" for me.  

Seriously- my life, up until now, has been the definition of insanity.  

But after discovering chiropractic and healthy eating, I was reminded of the benefits of juicing, and decided to incorporate juicing back in to my life.

So that's where we are now.  

****Before I go on, I feel the need to clarify that I'm not an expert, nor am I a doctor.  I am an "at-home" mom with five kids... who happens to have finally reached a goal and is excited to share the steps towards progress with anyone who will listen, in the hopes of helping others reach their goals as well.  

Juicing wasn't the only thing that helped (as I mentioned in my previous post)- it was just the beginning.  But if you're looking for a good place to start, consider a reboot- a week or a month of juicing to help jump start your progress.  I can promise you won't be disappointed.

So what is juicing?

In my experience, juicing is simply taking raw fruits and veggies, pureeing them, and drinking the nutrients rather than eating them.  It's quick and easy, and if you do it right, it has TREMENDOUS benefits.  

The websites listed below have exponentially more information on juicing (including recipes) than I could ever give you, but I will continue to share everything I've learned and the recipes to help get you going... in more than one way.  ;)

Many of the recipes I create are simply from my personal experience with juicing.  But before I was able to put certain foods together and come up with something that didn't tickle my gag reflex, I had to follow some recipe guidelines- which is where the above websites will really be beneficial.  :)

So what juice did I enjoy today?  I totally made this one up.  

2 stalks celery
2 cabbage leaves
1 bunch spinach
3 kale leaves
2 green apples
1 carrot
1 orange
A very small amount of ginger (which, I learned the hard way, is really NOT awesome juiced, so use it in moderation)

No- it won't be sweet.  I don't even know if it's an official "cure anything" recipe, but I know I like it and it gives me that extra boost I need to get going.  

I'll post more recipes in the coming days.  Right now I'm not in the middle of a juice-only fast, so when I said "I  EAT", I meant it.  Right now, my days look more like this:  I drink 3-4 meals a day (dominantly juicing or an occasional protein shake) and I typically have a handful of raw sunflower seeds, raw almonds, or another healthy alternative for a snack.  I will usually sit with my family for breakfast and/or dinner and enjoy a healthy meal because that's "our time"... and because I love to eat!  

And it's working.

So, on a personal note...  

I'd like to take a minute to thank my friend Tracy.  If she hadn't taken the time to encourage, to follow up with me, to inspire me, I have no idea where I'd be today (probably still pushing 300 pounds... or worse).  She is one of many who blessed me by investing in my health and in my life, and I will be forever grateful.  Thank you friend.  Your decision to reach out to me influenced my decision to reach out to others and share the information that could change their lives.  You rock!  Your life is changing lives!

So, friends, that's Juicing, part I.  Take some time and look over the information- let it marinate.  Go read Tracy's story.  Visit the websites of both Joe and Drew, and decide whether or not juicing is for you.

Thanks for reading!  I'm excited to share more tomorrow!  

Have a fantastic day!

The Fat Girl,

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