Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moving Forward...

So I heard this statistic that said by January 15th, most people have given up on their New Year's resolutions.

Like when I resolved to write every day... *sigh*

But what about you?  Have you given up?

I didn't make any official "resolutions" this year (except writing).  I made "goals"- which is pretty much exactly the same thing, but easier to spell- and I'm convinced that it makes you feel better when you don't reach your goals, than when you break your resolutions.

Resolutions seem so... permanent- like wedding vows.  "I, Christi Muhle, do hereby resolve to..."  It sounds less committed when I say, "I'm setting a goal to..."   Not that I have commitment issues...

But, alas.  Potato, poh-tah-toe.

So, have you?  Have you given up?

Do you want me to be honest?  I haven't given up, but I definitely haven't made any progress since last week.  I thought for sure that completing that competition last Monday would somehow make me a different person.  I thought for certain that I would just continue making progress and losing weight...  after I allowed myself a couple of "treats" for the progress I made (I'm convinced it was either that, or a subconscious effort to punish myself for not winning.  But seeing as how I'm an optimist and trying to keep this light-hearted, we'll go with option A.)

So here's what I learned:

1.  Consuming sugar after a sugar fast is not highly intelligent.  But if you must try this, then you might discover that you don't actually enjoy it like you once did (HALLELUJAH)!  But perhaps you are less-than-intelligent and continue to try to "treat" yourself with sugar for a couple of days, you WILL get a food hangover...  for a week.  And you will feel like poop.  End of story.

2.  Oddly enough, in spite of the food hangover, I am still craving fruits and veggies and lean protein.  But I will say- I didn't crave ANY sugar for most of the competition, and sadly, I have found that since my little vacation from healthy eating, I'm starting to experience a little bit of the "old me".

Es no bueno.

It's not like I ate total junk last week, but I'm used to rewarding myself with food and unfortunately, some habits die hard.  So I went to look for a "reward" only to discover that we didn't really have any celebratory foods in the house (thankfully).  So I did what any of us "addicts" would do and I went out to the freezer in the garage. It was there that I discovered...  fundraiser cookies.  I have no idea why I even opened the box.  I mean- they've been in the freezer for three months.  Gag.  I know.

And I've been eating dominantly fresh foods for much longer than that, so why would I even think that putting  them (with all of the preservatives, sugar, crap) in to my body wouldn't have some sort of repercussions? I guess I wasn't thinking. I mean, surely I would just see a gain on the scale and that would be it. Right?


There was no gain.  No loss, either.  Instead, I have been moody, unable to focus, tired, and had a headache (occasionally migraine strength) off and on for the past six days.  I think I'd prefer a ten-pound gain to this past week.


Lesson learned.

So why did I share that?  I told you- you aren't alone, and I totally don't have it all down.  I'm still learning.

So maybe you've given up on your goals, or broken your resolutions.  Maybe you feel like a failure, or like you'll just have to wait until next year.  Or perhaps you feel like you'll never reach those goals, so what's the point?

The point is, I'm 33, and I'm just now getting it.

You fall off the horse, you get back on- that's the only way to get where you're going.  And if you're worried that you'll fall again, or that you'll hurt the horse, then just start walking.  Either way, don't give up.  Get off your laurels and pick right back up where you left off.

I'll do it with you.  Clean slate.  Right now.  Today.

No more official "resolutions" for the year 2013.

Instead, commit to move forward, making progress... one day at a time.

I'm in this with you.

Thanks for sticking with me!

The Fat Girl, Slim


  1. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Christi,
    I have pretty much had a life long problem with weight. I have my "never get above this weight" weight, and so a few times, I have gotten perilously close to that weight and panicked. But even when I'm not close to the "never get above this weight" weight, I'm still overweight.

    So, on December 1, 2013, I decided that I would set a one year goal to lose 52 pounds. I knew I would have weeks where I lost more than 1 pounds, and weeks where I lost less (or possibly even gained). Having an annual goal, instead of a short term goal has helped me so much. I've had a few weeks where I didn't lose or didn't lose much. A few hard weeks of eating junk.

    I had a house cleaning the other day where I got rid of anything that was a temptation to me.

    And IF I don't choose well, one day, one time, etc. then I just start over.

    I know you can do this. You are a strong and motivated woman. I'd keep digging as to the "why" you turn to food for comfort, but keep moving forward and you'll get there!

    Proud of you for working so hard.

  4. Carol- Thanks so much for the encouragement! :) There is much wisdom in what you shared. I' proud of you, too! Making choices to take back your health and setting a wonderful example for your girls is a choice that will carry on through their lives and hopefully help them to grow in to confident young women who don't struggle as we have. :) You're a good momma! And you can do this! Can't wait to hear about your progress!! :)

    And Phyllis- thank you for always encouraging, always motivating me with your kind words. Knowing that you have been encouraged blesses me more than I could ever express. :) you'll get there sister! ;) I'm with you!