Monday, May 6, 2013

Challenge # 1- Take Notes!

On again.

Off again.

On again.

Off again....


This is the story of my life.

(Insert loud, obnoxious, ear piercing scream)





I probably didn't take time to write and share this with you because I was too over-committed to do any one thing truly well... but guess what?  I did it.  I reached that goal of losing 100 pounds.  I think I was even down to between 203 and 205 (a total of 102-104 pounds lost).  I was excited and I was doing great.

And then, as always, life happened.  

And I fell off the wagon.  I'd like to attribute this to one specific instance, but I cannot.  Between a flurry of baby showers, weddings, women's retreat, birthdays, and more birthdays, I fell off of the wagon.

And it sucks.

I feel like I've gained a bazillion pounds.  And, truth be told, there are probably 5 extra pounds of fluid hanging out where they don't belong.  But I refuse to accept this as MY lot in life.  

Several of you have e-mailed or sent messages to let me know you are in this with me- you are struggling right along side of me, and I want to encourage you.  

I'm super-bloated.  I'm super-tired.  I'm super-disappointed, but I'm not giving up!  And neither should you.

We ARE in this together.  I will commit to writing as often as I can (especially now that most of my commitments are on hold for the summer).  I'll keep it real and I'll be honest when I'm struggling, and I'll share milestones as I reach them.

I promise- I won't abandon you again (intentionally).  

I'm really going to do this.  Heck.  I AM doing this.  And this weekend, when the pool opens, I am going to strut my stuff... under the water... away from the kids with goggles.  (Baby steps, folks.)

And you can too!

How, you ask?

Great question!  I've come up with a list of challenges to all of us.  Ready?

Okay- as I'm fighting off my food-hangover-migraine, here is my first challenge to you:


That's right.

Step away from the chips and queso.  Opt for the celery and the guac.  ;)  Step away from the birthday cake, the baby shower cupcakes that just seem to call out to you, and instead, pull out a piece of paper (even a sticky note or an index card will do) and write down your number one reason for re-gaining control of your health.  Re-read this as many times as it takes to kill that temptation.  

I'm looking forward to hearing from you about how this helps with temptation this week.

I have another challenge already in the works.  So check back tomorrow for some more tips on getting on this wagon and staying on- for good!  

I appreciate you, friends!  

Off again,

On again,

The Fat Girl, Slim

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