Thursday, May 9, 2013

Challenge # 2: PLAN AHEAD

Have you ever been through Dave Ramsey's FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY?

"Amazing" would, indeed, be an understatement.

A wealth of information that every human needs to know- no matter your age, race, financial status...

It's just an amazing class.

So in the class, one of Dave's first challenges to us, was to build an emergency fund.  He reminds us that emergencies wouldn't necessarily be emergencies if we were prepared.  So he encourages everyone to begin with a $1000 emergency fund, and build from there.

He says "When your car breaks down and you need $950 worth of repairs, if you have $950 in an emergency fund, you'll have what you need to cover it, and you no longer have an emergency on your hands.  You have wisdom, maturity, and preparedness."

As I was thinking through a list of ideas to help with this challenge, Dave's ideas came to mind.

No, I'm not saying start a savings account for your healthy lifestyle.  I'm saying this:


Going to a party Friday night?  Plan ahead.  Pack some healthy option snacks (a handful of raw nuts or seeds, some organic fruit, a raw food bar) in your purse.  Perhaps enjoy a protein shake or eat a healthy meal before you go, so that when you are there, you are less tempted.  BUT if you should decide that you have an "emergency" (meaning, the cake is calling out to you....)  What do you do?  Where do you go?  

You go to your "emergency fund"- your snacks that are waiting for your in your purse.  

You don't like that idea?

Here's another option-  Plan to eat before you leave, and drink only water while you are there.

Nah.  I don't love that option either.

If you err on the side of stubbornness like yours, truly, and you feel as if you MUST have a snack while you are there... and you INSIST on trying some of the food they are offering, limit yourself to a portion the size of your palm and NO RETURN TRIPS.

Parties do not have to be all-you-can-eat buffets. 

But remember this- not all "emergencies" occur at parties.  

Not for me, anyway.  

Most of mine actually occur at my house.  And if we have junk in the house, I'll consume it during my "emergency", so I took a cue from Dave.

I try to keep my "emergency fund" stocked and ready to go on a moment's notice.  If I have healthy option snacks in my car or in my house waiting for me, I am twice as likely to make the healthy choice and pull from the emergency fund, than I am to go on a binge.

So there it is.  Challenge # 2:  PLAN AHEAD.

Get to it, and come back tomorrow for more helpful tips from

The Fat Girl,

See ya tomorrow!

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